The track playing is "If You Be My Baby"


Caught in the act! Live on the "Higher Ground" radio show which is broadcast, every Saturday evening, from Madison, Wisconsin to an audience of several million listeners throughout the mid-west.

  Admiring the "Tonite's Show" board.






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Two musicians obviously enjoying working together - Roy with the legendary Willie "Pinetop" Perkins, formerly Muddy Waters' pianist.

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With Buddy Guy at "Legends"

On stage at Buddy Guy's "Legends"

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On stage at Eddy Clearwatwer's  Reservation Blues Club

Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater and Roy at Reservation Blues Club after Roy's gig.

Two pictures of a very happy man!

With the   "King of the Blues", backstage after BB's show at the Potawatomi Casino and onstage at the Milwaukee Alehouse.

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You think I look cool ?
       The temperature, in Green Bay, was ...........   
     ........5F, minus 15C ! This was taken in the middle of the afternoon. You cannot imagine how cold it was when we left the venue at 2-30am!!!   













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